Aim & Object of Indian Cricket Academy THE ICA
  • To promote and develop the game Twenty20 Cricket for men and boys in every part of World where the game of cricket is playing and provide the right opportunity to Government Schools/Street/Small Town Cricket players from poor backgrounds.
  • To maintain General Control of the game of Twenty20 Cricket in World, particularly with reference to the rule and regulations. Which may be instrumental in the development of games?
  • To encourage the promotion of the countries organizations for development of the game and affiliation to the federation.
  • To co-ordinate State Activities in respect of Twenty20 Cricket game in all ways including conducting international cricket tournaments /championships and for seniors and juniors both for men and boys.
  • To secure participation in International Contests;
  • To hold such International Cricket Championships as approved by ITCF INDIA executive board like European Cup/Asia Cup/Afro-Asia Cup/ Champions Trophy/World Cup and Junior World Cup.
  • To promote, control and if necessary, finance visits of foreign teams to India and Indian teams to foreign countries.
  • To take such steps, which may be conductive in general, to the fulfillment of the objects of the Federation.
  • To organize cricket matches for charitable purposes.
  • To maintain library to communicate the material on the game to the affiliated country units.
  • To conduct International Twenty20 Cricket tournaments/series on rotation basis in other countries Twenty20 Cricket Federations.
  • To conduct International Referees/umpires/Coaches test in all affiliated countries units.
  • To publish literature on the game of Twenty20 Cricket.
  • To organize All India Seminars on cricket and to set up international Twenty20 Cricket Academy and regional Cricket Academies. To establish International standard cricket grounds in every affiliated country unit.
  • To establish Twenty20 cricket sports channel. Also establish Sports University/Research & Development Centre in all affiliated countries units.
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FSG ITCF India Message
Indian Cricket Academy, ICA
Promoters of the game of cricket and its traditions at the grass roots level in the India by educating and providing quality cricketing and coaching facilities to impact and improve the lives of sports minded people....
- Piyush Rana